Fee Protection Scheme for Private Education Institution

Briefly, the IWC is an industry-wide scheme that covers primarily the course fees of students in each PEI in the event of insolvency or regulatory closure of PEI or PEI’s failure to pay sum awarded by Singapore Courts to the insured student up to a limit of $2 mil per event. This is a blanket cover administered on headcount basis. It is generally required for the PEIs applying for registration under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF).


EduTrust Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)


For registered PEIs who wish to take the next step by trying for the voluntary certification scheme known as EduTrust, a quality framework administered by the Council For Private Education (CPE) , it will be mandatory to have the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) – an insurance mechanism to ensure protection of course fees paid by all students – in place. The FPS can be established through us with a CPE-appointed insurer like Lonpac Insurance and having the FPS in place is central to attaining and maintaining the EduTrust status.


Hospitalisation Insurance for Students (EduTrust)


The other EduTrust requirement by CPE is to have a hospitalisation insurance policy with CPE-mandated benefits covering students enrolled with the school in the event they need to be hospitalized or undergo surgery whilst studying in Singapore.

We have a special scheme to provide PEIs with EduTrust-compliant student medical insurance that are competitively priced. Please speak to us today for assistance.


ICA Security Deposit (Banker’s Guarantee for International Student)


A foreigner is required to apply for a Student’s Pass if he/she wishes to pursue full-time studies in Singapore in a EduTrusted PEI that is registered with CPE. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requires a security deposit in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee (BG) must be lodged with them before the Student Pass can be issued. BGs amount required by ICA can be $1,000, $1,500 or $5,000 depending on nationality and the government regulations at the prevailing time. Please contact us for assistance for this product.

Overseas Study Protection Plan


Studying abroad in a foreign land can be both an exhilarating experience yet filled with unexpected situations. Whether you are going for a student exchange programme or overseas study trip, you will be well covered with NTUC Income’s Overseas Study Protection Plan. With a comprehensive 2-in-1 coverage against personal accidents and travel inconvenience, you can have peace of mind as you embark on your exciting learning journey.


  • 24-hour worldwide² protection against personal accident
  • Protection against loss or damage of personal belongings (including laptop) while stored at your overseas residence due to a natural disaster or theft
  • Coverage for travel delay3 not caused by you (such as natural disasters)
  • Coverage for leisure activities4 such as scuba diving, snow-skiing, water rafting and motorcycling
  • Flexibility to enhance your coverage with optional benefits:- Hospital and surgical expenses- Medical expenses for outpatient treatment for sickness while overseas

Table of cover

Section Benefit

Maximum benefit limit per policy period

Personal accident benefits


Personal accident

(refer to the scale of compensation table)


Medical expenses for injury
due to an accident

Overall section limit: $15,000
Sub-limit for medical treatment in Singapore: $5,000


Emergency medical evacuation



Sending you home



Study interruptions



Compassionate Visit

Overall section limit: $10,000
Sub-limit for hotel accommodation expenses: $500 per day


Criminal assault


Personal belongings benefits


Loss or damage of personal belongings (including laptop) at overseas residenceType of personal belongings 

  • Laptop
  • Handheld computer devices
  • Other personal belongings

Overall section limit: $1,000


$200 in total; or
$500 per item, set or pair


Losing travel documents


Travel inconvenience benefits


Travel delay 

  • While overseas
  • While in Singapore

Overall section limit: $1,000

$50 for every six hours of delay
$150 (after six hours of delay)


Baggage delayBaggage delay when arriving in Singapore

Overall section limit: $1,000
$50 for every six hours of delay

$200 (after six hours of delay)


Loss of or damage to checked-in baggage with a commercial airline

Overall section limit: $2,000
Sub-limit for each item, set or pair: $500

Other benefits


Personal liability



1 This policy is available to you if you:
– are a Singaporean or a Singapore permanent resident and you hold a valid Singapore identification document such as a
Singapore National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) or you are a foreigner holding a valid Singapore student pass;
– are registered as a full-time or part-time student with an educational institution outside of Singapore and you hold a valid student identification card issued by the educational institution; and
– are between 15 and 65 years of age.

2 This policy covers you when you are overseas except when you are travelling in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria.

3 We will pay you for travel delay if the public transport you are scheduled to travel in during the policy period is delayed for more than six hours in a row and the delay is not caused by you.

4 This policy does not cover claims for loss or liability directly or indirectly caused by or arising from extreme sports which involve speed, height, danger, a high level of physical exertion, highly specialised gear or spectacular stunts, whether they are played competitively or non-competitively, in a team or individually. Please refer to the policy contract for the exclusions on dangerous activities or sports.