Insurance Products

General Insurance Services

  • We can advise, quote and place all general classes of insurance classes. Please contact us today and we will listen to your need and assist you.

Specialty Insurance Schemes

  • Private Education Institution
    • Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme
    • Fee Protection Scheme (EduTrust)
    • Student Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance (EduTrust Compliant)
    • ICA Security Deposit (Banker’s Guarantee for International Students)
  • Educator’s Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Director’s & Officer’s Liability Insurance
  • Association and Society Liability Insurance
  • Pilot’s Loss of Licence Insurance
  • Ministry of Manpower Foreign Worker Bonds
  • Bonds and Financial Guarantees
  • Property Insurances
  • Liability Insurances
  • Employee Benefits Insurances

Our services also include:

  • Administration of insurance schemes and projects
  • Corporate and Project Risk management
  • Business consulting